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If you have been diagnosed or afflicted by a major health disorder, medical intervention should always be the first course of action. Those who have followed a prescribed course of medical treatment and are still suffering from related symptoms often seek alternative treatment therapy as a way to deal with symptoms, pain and discomfort. This can be especially true for disease victims who have not been helped by traditional medical treatment or are now dealing with latent symptoms, often over a number of years. The Medsonix low frequency acoustic pressure wave technology has shown positive results for treating symptoms of health disorders and diseases. While not being a cure for disease, the Medsonix Therapy System has demonstrated relief of symptoms related to poor circulation which leads to inflammation and pain.



Patients often feel a warm, tingly sensation throughout their entire body or around the affected area, typically due to increased circulation by helping to dilate blood vessels. Patients may also feel a noticeable energy boost during or after treatment. Some patients experience a delay in healing or temporary worsening of symptoms due to the cleansing of toxins and increased circulation.