I had a total knee replacement in January of 2016, and had a very difficult recovery.  As a result, I had a manipulation performed under anesthesia several months later.  Swelling and nerve issues continued to be major problems.  As the months went by, the knee became more and more functional, however, I still had a large amount of residual swelling hampering my progress.  In December I started treatments at Sonix Therapy Hawaii, and after the 4th treatment, the swelling had completely gone away.  I was finally able to regain the full extension range of motion of my knee. Thanks Sonix Therapy Hawaii!
— Donna M., Honolulu
One morning in May 2016, I woke up and was unable to stand or walk without pain. After being diagnosed with plantar fasciitis by an orthopedic doctor, I was given a cortisone shot. It did not relieve the pain. A few months later I went to another doctor who gave me a prednisone shot. It provided me pain relief for about a month. As a last resort, I went to a specialty arch support shoe store and purchased both the soft and hard arch supports as recommended. This too did not take away my pain.

LUCKILY, my husband and I went to visit our 96-year-old uncle who told us about Sonix Therapy Hawaii. After two (2) treatments, the pain disappeared like a miracle. All my friends who saw me suffering, limping and walking slowly with pain were amazed to see that I could now walk fast, and without pain again.

Thank you Sonix Therapy Hawaii, I am forever grateful to you!
— Carole S., Honolulu
For many years I was told I would have to “just live with” small areas of numbness in my hands and knees due to permanent nerve damage and multiple surgeries. During my 2nd Sonix Therapy session I experienced a buzzing sensation in my hands and my knee stiffness diminished significantly—no pain. I used to have a hard time picking up sewing needles and little things, but now I can. I guess that nerve damage wasn’t so permanent after all.

I was due for trigger finger release surgery this month, but will not be needing it as I have no more pain, swelling or locking associated with trigger finger. As an unexpected bonus, my blood donations go faster now. I think we all overlook how important good circulation is — I did. I was never expecting such a difference in so many parts of my body. I came in a curious skeptic and leave a pain/numbness-free believer!
— Norma T., Honolulu
After an industrial accident 35 years ago, 2 major surgeries, and almost losing the ability to use my left leg, I have lived in constant pain. About five years ago, I started having shooting pain from my hip to my knee and tried all kinds of alternative measures to reduce the pain. Then I heard about Sonix Therapy, and after three sessions, the shooting pain was gone. It has also helped my dad who is 96 years old. Thank You Sonix Therapy! I highly recommend it for everyone.
— Keith S., Honolulu
I went to Sonix Therapy for my arthritis in all the fingers of both hands. The pain level was a 9 on my right hand and about a 5 on my left. I’ve had this pain for the past 6 years and my Rheumatologist told me that I’d just have to live with the pain. Well, after just 2 1/2 hours of treatment over a one-week period, the pain level is now at “0” in my left hand and “2” on my right. I can bend all my fingers and the “gull-wing” appearance of my fingers is starting to leave and my fingers are going straight. I went into this treatment with an open mind but no hope in my heart. Now I’m a believer!!!
— Michael N., Honolulu
I’ve had carpal tunnel for about 21 years, ever since giving birth to my first child, and it gradually got worse. I have constant tingling in my hands and arms and couldn’t grasp anything for very long without the tingling intensifying into pain. I attended the open house for Sonix Therapy Hawaii on December 10, 2016 and by the end of a one-hour session, 90% of the tingling disappeared! I have slight tingling in my fingers but can now hold things without pain! Thank you Sonix Therapy Hawaii!
— Stacy Armstrong, Makakilo
I have had chronic back, neck and knee pain for a while and thought I would just have to live with it. After several sessions, my neck pain is gone, my back pain is almost gone, and my knees don’t hurt as much—I would say a 60% decrease in pain when going down stairs. I also noticed my joint pain has reduced and my body doesn’t feel so stiff when I get up in the morning. It’s amazing what Sonix Therapy can do for pain and stiffness.

Thank you for bringing this therapy treatment to Hawaii.
— Donna Kanetake, Honolulu
I came in on a co-workers recommendation and am glad that I did! Upon my initial treatment, I came in with several different problems. I’m diabetic and suffer from sciatica and have arthritis in both hips making it hard to stand at work for 8 hours. Since then, my lower back and hips pain level went from a 5 to a 1. Still hurts a little but MUCH improved. As far as diabetes, my marks on my feet (lack of circulation) are lighter and it used to feel like I’d be walking about with cement blocks on my feet. They felt very heavy. My feet feels a lot lighter. It’s way easier to walk. Thank you Sonix Therapy Hawaii!
— Scott Fujii, Honolulu
I have had numbness in my feet for over a year. It had gotten so bad that I could not feel the pressure I was putting on the gas pedal or brake while driving. I saw my primary physician who checked me for diabetes; the results came back negative. He sent me to a podiatrist who checked my feet, but still couldn’t figure out the cause of the numbness. I tried Sonix Therapy, and on the 5th session, I could feel the coldness of the floor through my socks. I can now feel my feet, since they are no longer numb.

I was also experiencing arthritis pain in my wrists and shoulders, but now have no pain in my wrists, and very little pain in my shoulders. It was simple as sitting around a machine that creates acoustic waves that help with circulation throughout the body. With better circulation, I have also noticed that my energy levels have also gone up.
— Steve H., Honolulu
I punctured the palm of my hand four days ago with a car key. Yesterday the wound was slightly swollen, red 1 cm. surrounding site, open, moist and painful. Today there is very little pain, the redness has almost all disappeared, and the wound is dry. No antibiotics were applied. I have to say, I’ve become a believer overnight.
— Cathy A., RN, Kailua

Client testimonials from Wave Therapy, the exclusive distributor of the Medsonix Therapy System in Arizona and Hawaii.

what clients are saying


After leaving an appointment at Medsonix, not only do I feel relief of my Sciatic Nerve problem, but I’ve noticed that I have had an increase in my energy level.  My headaches have diminished, and I have an overall sense of feeling better than I did before I arrived.  I highly recommend this therapy to anyone.

Phyllis McGuire, McGuire Sisters

Since my therapy at Medsonix, I have mobility back in my legs and feet with less pain and better circulation.  The experience at Medsonix changed my life forever.

Dave Williams

I had some hand and shoulder pain.  It’s been eight weeks after my one treatment, and I still feel less pain in both hand and shoulder.  After my treatment at Medsonix, I got out of bed with fewer backaches.  I feel younger.  Thanks Medsonix!

Bernie Lander

After just one treatment, the pain I had for eight years in my neck and lower back had been reduced significantly.  I tried every treatment with little relief, but Medsonix helped with my problems.

Somer Hollingsworth

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